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Yoko Silk (née Minami), born in Tokyo, currently lives in Leiden. She was trained at Musashino Art University, Bigakko Print Studio in Tokyo, Pratt Institute in New York, and Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, USA. Having studied oil painting, printmaking, and computer graphics, she has been exploring clay since 2002.

Yoko has been unearthing shapes in motion, excavating and uncovering colorful layers of human perceptions.

“I am creating a sphere universe, building from my inner space to release the lines like scores of music, holes like openings of emotion, shapes travelling in things unknown, the wind breathing through my organic surface.”

"I am fascinated by all sorts of life forms in nature, the unbelievable power of life, which knows when to be born, when to change shape, where to live, what to eat, when to die. The world is full of creative wonders to celebrate. The process of my work gives me a thrilling sense of joy connecting to such wonders."

“The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.”
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare



1976-1979 Musashino Art University in Tokyo Japan. Majored in Oil Painting. Also joined the workshop seminar of lithograph and etching.
1980-1983 Bigakko printmaking workshop in Tokyo Japan.
1983-1984 Pratt Institute Manhattan Graphic Center Lithograph workshop in New York, U.S.A.
1996 Western Michigan University Computer Graphic workshop with Silicone Graphics in Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.
1998-1999 Creative Arts Studio Monotype Print workshop in New Haven, Connecticut, U S.A.
2003-2007 Barbra Lamb's Culver City Ceramic Studio workshop in Culver City, California, U. S.A.
2004-2007 Clayhouse ceramic workshop in Santa Monica, California.
2007-2009 Boerderij Oud Woelwijck Keramiek workshop in Voorschoten, The Netherlands.
2008 Pottery Keranova keramiek workshop in Leiden, The Netherlands.
2009-2016 Kunstroute Leiden, The Netherlands

2014-2016 Yoko Silk Keramiek Workshop in Haagweg 4 C-11 Leiden, stoneware and porcelain workshop

Facebook: Yoko Silk Keramiek Workshop



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